Brighton Covenant of Churches

bccangel 350The Brighton Covenant of Churches brings together 10 Christian churches in the Brighton area. Anglican, Baptist, Catholic, Church of Christ and Uniting Churches have signed a covenant of cooperation. Clergy and lay representatives meet regularly to organise events and support one another.

Our regular events include: Lenten and Advent studies; World Day of Prayer service; Pentecost reader swap; Good Friday Pilgrims’ Walk; Christmas Bowl Appeal and Bethlehem in Brighton for young families.

Several hundred people take part in these events each year. The Good Friday Pilgrims' Walk and Bethlehem in Brighton are wonderful ways to spread God’s Word to people outside the churches. We are taking our faith to the streets not waiting for people to come to us!

We also pray for our covenant churches at Masses each month and advertise events initiated by them. Every second year we re-sign the covenant and renew our commitment to work towards Christian unity.

Pilgrims WalkWe invite you to come along to our next event advertised in the parish bulletin.

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