St James Catholic Church

The beautiful memorial rose garden at St James is now being restored. Please contact the Parish Office on 9593 1703 for details.

St Joan of Arc Catholic Church

memorialgarden01 450History

The Parish Resurrection Garden was established in the presbytery grounds during 1996 as a place for families and friends to remember their loved ones. Included among the beautiful rose garden is a bronze statue of the Risen Christ, the work of sculptor Eva Schubert. The statue watches over the Resurrection Garden and the new Memorial Wall.

Resurrection Garden

The Resurrection Garden is designed as a suitable place for the deceased’s ashes to be poured into the earth. This is called the interment of ashes. Permission to be interred in the Resurrection Garden must be given by the Parish Priest. Our Parish Priest will then meet with you to arrange for the service.

Memorial Wall

During 2014 the parish constructed a Memorial Wall as a place to honour the memory of those who have died. The ashes of the deceased do not need to be interred in the Resurrection Garden to arrange for a memorial plaque on the Memorial Wall.

Memorial Plaques

pdf Please complete the following order form and return it to the parish office (212 KB) . You may wish to view the existing plaques as a guide to appropriate wording and size of plaques. At least six weeks is required for the plaque to be prepared. To arrange for ashes to be interred we will also require the completion of the cremated remains consent form.


The cost of plaques will vary depending on the size and amount of wording included. We will provide you with a proof prior to production. Following receipt of the plaque we will send you an invoice which will include the production cost of the plaque and a $200 charge to assist with the ongoing maintenance of the memorials.